Mental issues

We all have them, whether we admit to having them or not. In our society, there are many people who don’t have much sympathy for those of us who, for lack of a better way to say it, are mentally challenged. I am not speaking of people who need to have special classes for education though, I am just speaking of normal looking folks who have “issues”.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. affect many more of the population than most even know about or care about. Which is exactly why the suicide rate among actors, young people, military veterans, and others is on the rise, because it seems that no one cares in our society. We need to care, but those who are tasked with “caring for the mentally ill” are told not to get too close, don’t really care about them…just talk to them and find out everything that you can.

What good is that doing for anyone? If you don’t show love to a dog or a child, eventually it will die because of the lack of bonding with you. So, ignoring the fact that most of those who are in an institution are usually adults, don’t you think that they deserve some actual caring from you? Don’t they deserve to feel love from those who are supposed to care for them? I believe that it would go a long way toward actually healing them which might put some “treatment centers” out of business, wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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