The existence of God

Many are questioning His very existence today? Is He real or is God just someone who was made up by mankind many years ago? In spite of what you may have heard or thought, God’s not dead! We have many proofs and instances in scripture as well as everyday life that prove that His alive and He is in control.

Atheistic thought aside, the existence of God is not in question. We are here, the Earth and all of the life that inhabit it is here, this couldn’t have come from some random puddle of protein! And regardless of any nod toward science that you want to give, evolution is just a theory and nothing more. I will not discuss it because that is all that it is, period.

I have a clinical science degree so, yes, I have studied cells and microbiology and evolution and it doesn’t add up. In four and a half-billion years it is not a proven fact that you can go from a protein ooze to all the variety of life on Earth. God created life on this planet the way that He created life, period. By His Word the grass grew, flowering trees with fruit, and all other trees with their own seeds were created. The birds of the air and the fish and sea creatures were created. The record of this is in Genesis. The only part of creation that God put His hands to while creating was mankind, because we are made in His image.

Life may exist elsewhere, but God chose not to give that information to us, and we will likely not find it out until we are in our eternal home. Please consider the alternative with an open mind, God loves you more than you can possibly imagine. Learn of Him, seek Him out while you can. Read the Bible and ask Him to show you His wisdom for your life through it and what He can do for you.

The life that God can give you is better by far than you can provide for yourself, mentally or spiritually. Why? Because He is God!


9 thoughts on “The existence of God

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  2. You know, I must have struck a nerve or something for you to just attack me this way. Yes, I know what a theory is, it is just that a theory. It can’t be scientifically proven like a chemical reaction in a lab. Unless you have something constructive to say, any further comments will be deleted.

  3. You say there are many proofs in scripture, but there are many proofs in Muslim scripture for Allah, and in the Baghavad Gita for Krishna. So we have to just go with the many proofs in nature you say there are. Any time you’re ready.

  4. If it bothers you so much, what’s wrong with using it? I know that you are looking for answers otherwise you wouldn’t have come here. Seek them on your own, because the Truth is available if you will open your mind and look for it.

  5. “evolution is just a theory and nothing more”

    We observe natural selection in viruses, this is where our understanding of the flu comes from. DNA is the code of life for every living thing on this planet. Genetics, cosmology…they haven’t discovered everything but evolution is the best working model we have and to deny that passive process of natural selection is to deny biology itself

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