It really is happening today, in America and around the world. I never really thought it would be as bad as it has become here, but it is getting worse. On today I saw an article about the “lower IQ” of Christians versus Atheists. Why that is even a question on a psychology test I don’t know. Besides, intelligence is not measured by your religion or how much education you have or don’t have.

Persecution happens when people are intolerant of others, whether it is because of their religion or their skin color it still happens. How can we get around this or away from it entirely? Actually, no we can’t. At least not while the world is entirely under the control of satanic forces as it is today. I know, many people don’t believe in any kind of spiritual being whether they are good or bad, God or Satan. The point of this is that whether you believe it or not, soon it will be evident to all, non-believers and believers alike.

In this article a Christian professor at the University of North Carolina, told the outlet that “every group is protected from offensive speech on campus except for conservative Christians.”

Why are Christians singled out in America and everywhere else? It is because of the One that we follow. When will it come to my town? It may already be there, it just isn’t in your face yet. Yes, freedom of religion means that you have the freedom to worship whatever you want or not. But, why all of the lawsuits and protests against Christians and their views?

Why can’t we just get along? You have a different opinion of life than mine, so what? I am not going to call the news station because of it! You might live with a pig, a real pig…what business is it of mine? I don’t care what you do in your home. Why can’t my practice of my religion, even if it is Christianity, be mine and you just stay out of it? If my religion was Islam, it seems, there would be no problem at all or if it was Wiccan or any other religion than Christianity then…no problem.

Difference of opinion, difference of religion, different skin color, eye color or hair color…we are human and we are all different. Differences, diversity in genetics is what makes us the way that we are and the same is true in religions. We don’t have to make such a big deal about whether we believe each others beliefs or not.

Just my 2 cents.


No, there are no persecuted Christians in jail for their beliefs, but the persecution exists regardless. We may make up a majority in the polls which say that over eighty percent of Americans are Christians, but that number is far inflated. The point of my article is not that we are persecuted in America like they are elsewhere, but that it exists and it will likely get worse. Even though those who are making the most noise are in the minority, that may change in the near future. Believe what you want, this is America.


2 thoughts on “Persecution

  1. Let’s start at a beginning. Yes, studies to show that the average IQ of atheists seems to be above the average IQ of Christians, especially american protestants. But what does this have to do with persecution? Do not forget, that correlation does not imply causation: This does NOT show that atheism makes you smarter – or that smarter people become atheists because they are smarter. There could be totally other factors involved. (Oh, and yes, IQ does not equal “intelligence”, of course.)

    But, again: What does this have to do with persecution? Sorry, but studies (and yes, not only one) with results that you don’t want to hear are not “persecution”. It’s simply a fact.

    I didn’t see that someone was not admitted for college because as a Christian he was automatically considered dumb, which would actually be discrimination (and would probably result in a law suit, with churches in the whole country offering to pay the lawyers).

    What do you suggest? People are no longer allowed to state simply facts, just because other people don’t like these facts?

    People have been claiming that it will “soon be evident” for 2.000 years. Jesus started it, by telling his disciples that most of them would life to see the end of the world. Well, we are still here and they aren’t. So, I hope you will forgive me for ignoring your prediction as pretty unlikely. Let’s compare notes in 50 years from now on, ok?

    It’s ironic, that you don’t see the fact that in the same article, all atheists are publicly insulted (“fools”) as problematic, but take the opinion of one guy as fact without questioning his motives, his sources, etc.

    Anyway, sorry, I never got the whole persecution complex. Christians are the majority. They enjoy a huge load of privileges. How does this somehow translate into being persecuted? I agree, that all the differences don’t matter and we should just get along – but if you start buying into this persecution bullshit, you actually buy into the whole “they vs us” mindset.

    • I don’t “buy into” any thinking about persecution or IQ or even the “they vs us” mindset. I was just stating my opinion, just as you are. I didn’t bring up the part of the article about IQ other than where it is stated in the article itself, which was not my writing at all. The persecution mindset that is going on in America is just that, a mindset. It shows up in the news, in television, in commercials, etc. So far, it hasn’t gotten to the point of people being killed or put in jail because of their beliefs, but…? Thank you for your input.

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