Do you feel blue?


Continuing the theme of Pooh, Eeyore is the most down and out of the entire troupe of friends that Pooh has. Is it simply because he has such terrible luck? Or is it just because he is depressed and his mood reflects his life? Or maybe his life reflects his mood? I have been feeling like him for about three months or so and I can tell you that my problem, my depression didn’t reflect my life…it just happened.

I can’t give a reason for it nor a real honest explanation for any of it, which is what makes it so frustrating. I can’t find anything which would or could be typed as the trigger or the cause of it, at least not a specific cause. So what can be done about it?

Go to a doctor and then a “shrink”, then be prescribed some pills that will force my brain chemistry to behave maybe? I can’t afford any of that! I don’t have any insurance and I don’t want to consider the affordable care act options because they are not options for me.

My feelings are getting better with time and reading God’s Word as well as these writings that I am doing here. Believe it or not, this…the act of writing this stuff out is actually therapeutic or at least it seems to be helping in some way. Very likely the hand of God is doing this and using the act of writing my thoughts and His revelations to me as a way of healing my screwed up emotional state.

I apologize about the rambling nature of this but as I said, it does help.

Whether you think it will help you or not, try it. Sometimes just the act of writing your thoughts and feelings down can help, because you have to think about what you are writing and you have to (sort of) make it “make sense” and not just be a jumbled up bunch of words.

God said that “he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 and He never breaks a promise. So cling to Him, lean on Him and His strength and not on your own because ours will fail and falter. He never does.

Thank you for reading.









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