Have you noticed that time doesn’t wait for anyone? When  you are born, your life-clock begins ticking and no one knows when it will stop. Be very careful about what you value in life, because putting value on something that is useless is a fool’s way of doing things. Yes, it is true that the world and those in it value things more than they value people, but that is not how we are supposed to live our lives.

A nice home is worth more than two hundred thousand dollars these days. To many people, a car that is worth a good portion of one hundred thousand dollars means that you are a success. Nice, expensive suits and shoes and jewelry all go along to keep the illusion alive. But exactly what are these things going to do for you? What can they do?

To answer those two questions, simply…nothing. So, in my eyes and to my own heart they are worth nothing. Regardless of the cost of any of them, if they don’t make a difference in your life or the life of someone else then they are worthless.

We only have this life and the time that we have is limited. Maybe seventy or eighty years, possibly ninety if you have the genes for living a long life. But, what have you done with it? Has it made a difference in the world? Have you?

Look to God’s Word for support and suggestions for what you should do and say to others. Live your life and your work, your business as the book of Proverbs says and seek the Kingdom of God at every turn in your life. When you have done these things, then your life will have meaning, purpose and a reason, no matter how long it might be.

Think about it.


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