In the interest of….

Being involved in life. What have you accomplished? Any success in your business or in life itself? Can you truly and honestly say that you are doing everything that you can do to be true to your life and calling, whatever it might be? Have you considered what your purpose in life really is?

Many people get beyond high school and still have no clue what they should do with their lives. Some even get out of college with a degree in “liberal arts” and don’t really have any idea what they want to do or need to do with their lives. Why is there all of this confusion in life? Why can’t we just determine our path and stick to it? Is it because that path is hidden or hard to see?

I really don’t think that is the case. I do however, believe that the blame points to the church and the lack of leadership in it, especially in the past fifty years or so. The church, regardless of the denomination, has not stepped up in the political arena to protect and defend the rights of Christian people in America and elsewhere.

Yes, our country was founded upon Christian principles and the schools which were brought into existence early in our country’s history were first and foremost training schools for ministers. Yes, believe it or not, Harvard, Princeton and Yale were all seminaries for the training of those who are called to be Ministers of the Gospel. They did not begin their life as playgrounds for the rich, nor were they liberal in their views toward the world, at least at the beginning. People came to the colonies to escape religious persecution and to further the Kingdom of God, at least that is what was in the Mayflower Compact so long ago.

Being involved in life or in the church, regardless of the level that you choose to make yourself known, is a process which involves more than just showing up for work on time or choosing to be someone who can be used by God to further His Kingdom. The process of being someone in this life and doing something that will matter in the life to come, is called being a disciple of Jesus Christ. But, we can’t just decide that we are going to be ministers or evangelists, we have to be called by Him to be that.

In your business life or in daily life, your relationship to God needs to be defined to a point where you know whether you believe in Him and in Jesus’ atonement for you. Why do I bring this up when business doesn’t involve Christ? Some businesses do and truly your business should be a partnership between you and Jesus first and foremost. If your business is not one that you would feel comfortable with Him in it, then you might need to check your relationship with Him as well.

Conduct your life and your business as if Jesus is the CEO of it. Start your days by studying the “business book” of Proverbs. Ask God to show you what you can do to bring His Kingdom glory through your business. Why am I bringing so much Bible into a business discussion/post? Because God is interested in your life and if your life includes your business, then He should be involved in that too. One other reason is that since He is the Creator of everything, I imagine that He would know something about business.

We are coming to the end of the age of grace, so consider who you are going to line up with. There are no dates that I can give you, only that the time is drawing near. The signs are in the heavens, the blood moons that are happening this year and next, and the unrest and persecution which is happening everywhere. It is time for those who have felt or heard the Holy Spirit calling to them to make their decision if they haven’t already. Get into the Bible, learn as much as possible during the time that is left because the persecution will increase and we will be called to give account of ourselves in one way or another.

I have been writing these pages and posts, not here but on my other pages, for about five or six years and I do believe that God has given me the words to say. I never had this “talent” if you will, before I became a Christian so His influence is the only explanation that I can give. God has done this, not me. Visit my other sites: or, you will see some other messages that I have put up. Please, consider becoming a Christian if you are not already. If you are get deeper into the Word of God so that you will not be deceived in the time of trouble that is coming.


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