Living well today?

There could be many interpretations of that statement: Are you living well today? Is there a “living well” today? “LIVING WELL?!?” “Today?!!?” Are you kidding me!!!!????

All of these are questions which need answering for our culture today. In business and in life, living well can be accomplished but it must be done carefully. Yes, you can live like a king if you are making the money to do so. But, what will all the cars and houses and things get you? Noticed? yes. Happy? Not likely.

Things that money can buy will satisfy only a portion of your life and mine, but not the innermost part of us. You cannot purchase something which is priceless and which cannot be bought with money. More and more stuff just takes up space and it soon rusts and falls apart or is stolen to pay taxes on other things or sold to get more stuff. What actual good will any of it do for you or for someone else? Will a custom Rolls Royce feed you or clothe you? Can you live in it when your home is repossessed? Your Rolex can’t help with the bills when the money is gone and you will only get a small percentage of what it is actually worth if you sell it or pawn it.

Stuff like this is gotten by those who want these things for their exclusive nature and the perception that it gives others about their owner. But are you really the owner or are you owned by them?

The world and those who crave material gain are only in whatever business they are in for the money and prestige, when that is gone there is no satisfaction in it anymore so they move on to something else. Like the prodigal son, while he had money, he had “friends” but when the money was gone so were they. They latched onto the next sucker in line who had money enough to interest them and like leeches, when that dried up they moved on to the next one and so on.

Life is like that too, especially living by the world’s standards of success with all of the glitter and glamour of it. Like the prodigal though when the money is gone and there is no more coming in, all those pretty things and the people that came with them will just go “poof!”

So, what are you working toward? A big mansion and a Rolls with a Rolex on your arm and a custom made suit? An Olympic sized pool and a garden for a back yard that would be the envy of the whole town? I have a question to ask of you if this is what you are looking for. Why?

What good will all of that do? The things which I listed have a combined cost of well over one million dollars and unless you are making enough to buy it with cash, that is a LOT of payments to make. What could I do with one million dollars? Lets see….I could pay off all of my debts, medical and student loans, buy my wife a brand new car or truck if she wanted it, build a nice home, finance some improvements for the church that I pastor and pay the taxes on the one million too and still have about two hundred thousand left to send my kid to college without a loan.

Yes, one million can do a lot in some people’s hands and for some it might only last a couple of weeks. Yes, even after paying over three hundred thousand dollars to the IRS, I could still do the things which I said and likely still have one or two hundred thousand dollars because I am not going to buy the most expensive toys or houses, I can’t live in but one house anyway.

Living well means different things to different people and how you spend your money is your business as well as what you spend it on. The main point that I am trying to get you to consider is the eternal question: Will your wealth accompany you into Heaven or will it rust here after you are gone? It will go with you if it was used in the right way here and now. No, you won’t be taking a batch of gold or silver with you but you would have rewards in Heaven if your money was used to support a homeless shelter or feed the poor in Israel. Little seeds reap big rewards in the long run.


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