Have you ever had one of those days….

he-went-thataway-funny-catHave you ever felt like you were all twisted up and couldn’t get undone? I have had days like this and they really aren’t that great at all, especially if you can’t figure out which way to go. Should I go left or right or should I just wait until tomorrow and try again? You and I both know that everyone feels this way at times, some days more than others. But, there is a way that you can find your way, even when you get all twisted up into a knot of emotions and problems that just don’t seem to be fixable.

Success in life as well as in business, regardless of the business you might be in, has to start with a foundation. Something that you can know in your heart is right, regardless of how the day or the week may be going. Your foundation starts with Jesus believe it or not, it is up to you. Follow the teachings found in His Word and as I have said before the book of Proverbs, especially in the New Living Translation, is the best business guide out there.

The point of this is to get your attention focused on God and His purpose for you and your life, your business. Keep it focused on Him and He will make sure that it is a success and if it is a success then you will be too. Ask Jesus to come into your life, today. Begin today to be part of His family and let Him be part of yours. Pray about your day, pray to Him to help you find your way back to Him or just come to Him if you have never known Him as Savior and Lord. Your life will never be the same and neither will your business…it will be better than it ever was!

If any of you are fathers, then Happy Father’s Day! Make it a good one and thank your Father for giving you the foundation to start with and to build upon.

Think about it!



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