Choose Happiness

Did you know that we have a choice to be happy every day? The concept of this is something that I never really considered until I heard about it in the news and read it one day. I just thought that you got up and your day governed your emotional state depending on whether it was a good day or not. After giving it some thought though it makes sense…your emotional state is tied to what you are thinking at the moment that you wake up in the morning. If you are assaulted with bad news from the media or a call from a bill collector, the day goes down hill from that point on UNLESS you decide to treat yourself and the rest of the day differently.

Things that happened yesterday cannot be changed. What was said ten minutes ago can’t be taken back, even though we wish that we could sometimes. The day that you wake up in, today, is fresh and new and every decision that is made in it will have an effect on the rest of the day. I have found that the best way to start the day is to begin it will a prayer. Just sitting at the breakfast table and talking to God about how thankful you are for being able to get up this morning and for the opportunities which will come during the day, whatever they might be.

God will give you the strength and the brain power to get through whatever it might be that is facing you today, but it is always best to begin the day with a conversation (prayer) with Him. At some point in the day, it is also advisable to find a quiet spot, if you can, to talk to Him again and then spend time trying to hear what He is saying to you. This means a truly quiet place, like without your cell or your computer or tablet! Get technology out of the way and let God speak to you.

Then, choose to be happy about the things which are going on in your life. The stuff that you and I hear about on the news is unrelated to us, so we can’t do anything to fix the world’s problems and we shouldn’t let the problems around us make our time, our day feel worse than it will on its own. God can handle any problem that you cast upon Him, so just do that and then enjoy the rest of your day.


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