What can you do?

In life as in business, people ask this question many times. When you are hired or when you start a business, if it is a service you offer, or if it is someone just curious about what you can do. So, how can you answer them honestly and with truthfulness? It is a question and a problem all in one neat package. So…? How would you answer it?

It depends on the field that you are in I suppose. Firemen and police are in a niche all to themselves, but they have many roles to fill in that niche. In the fire service, which I proudly served in for five years, you are sometimes a negotiator, a rescuer, a hero or a mean s.o.b. depending upon the situation. I have been called many names in the time that I served as an EMT/firefighter, which I will not get into at this time.

Our roles in life and in our various occupations are varied and some cross lines between being a negotiator and a peacekeeper or a rescuer, sometimes these different jobs fall to mothers and fathers at home. After a long day or night at the hospital or the office or at a department store, you come home to a tension filled home ready to come apart even before dinner is served. What do you do? Who can you turn to when you may be the only parent in the house? Today’s parents have a lot on their plates, sometimes too much but how can I help you with what I might write here?

I am a parent and a home-school teacher of my son. I am also a computer technician when needed and a full-time pastor of a church, so I have many roles to fill as well. Our lives, as busy as they are from the time we wake up until we finally get to bed, sometimes close to midnight, are more hectic than our parents or our grandparents were. So what can we do?

The easiest “fix” to the stress and strain of life is to come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He can ease the stress and provide strength when you don’t know what or where it might come from! It really is that simple, although many people just discount what I say here because I am a pastor. I am sure some of you have thought “He’s just saying that because he is a pastor, he doesn’t know how real life is!”

The truth is that, yes I know exactly how life is! I haven’t been homeless, but I have been bankrupt, divorced, and a truck driver. I have also been an EMT, an insurance salesman (or at least attempted to be), a loan officer, a pizza delivery person and the cook, so I think I might be qualified for something. I didn’t include my college degree in Clinical laboratory science but there it is, even though I can’t work at it anymore.

Yes, there are many people in our nation who have many jobs within their job, whatever it may be, still the only One Who can help us in every situation in life is Jesus. He can strengthen you and heal you in mind, body and spirit. He can lift your spirit from the depths of depression and bring you to the top of the next mountain, teaching you along the way. He is our Everlasting Father, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace and the Lion of Judah and also the Creator.

Who else would be better to have in your corner and on your side? Nobody!

Think about it.


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