What do you want out of life?

There are many people who want success in life, in business or in their relationships, so what is it that you want out of life?

Money, fame, a lasting marriage, a family, a sports car or a really fancy luxury car maybe or a house that would make everyone jealous of you and want what you have? These are things that the world sees as your reward for whatever you are doing in your business. They are called rewards and sometimes they are called blessings, but sometimes they are also burdens as well.

Many times, if you watch the people who have all of these things or at least some of them, you will see what you want to see. Their happiness, from your perspective, their success again from your perspective, but what about what is really going on in their lives? We usually don’t see the tears, the worry about children, the fights with their spouse, the debt and the heartache that comes with all of this so-called “good life”.

Hollywood and the people who manage the lives of celebrities and sports figures try to keep as much of a “lid” on the private lives of the people that they manage as possible. The broken relationships, the DUI and the wrecked cars and broken marriages, children in rehab for drugs or alcohol, parents and the celebrity themselves in treatment for some “affliction”. These are all symptoms of lives that get out of sequence with what their life should be, symptoms which come as a result of someone putting the stuff in their lives ahead of and in command of their “so-called life”.

Why would you do such a thing?

Money and all of the things which I listed in the first paragraph are a result of talents and abilities given to you by God Himself. Just because you were born into a “famous” family with connections doesn’t give you the ability and talent to do the things to be successful! Yes, you can be “groomed” for a role or a position and taught how to walk and talk so that you seem to be perfect for this job or another, but what you have in truth did not come as a result of who you are, you are able to do and be what you are and who you are because of God’s provision in your life!

His grace in allowing you to be what you are and the purpose that He has seen and knows that you can do is the very reason that you are where you are today. It is not because of your family name, though in today’s society that may help some. Your position in life is not what is keeping you where you are, even though it might seem so at this time. God has a purpose for you and your life is important to Him, whether you believe it or not is not the issue.

But, the continued success in your life is due solely to Him and by His grace and purpose for you. You can be a success, far above what you alone could do, if you will put Him in control. Give God a controlling interest in your business and in your life, because without His influence and purpose guiding you in everyday life, you will fail. Maybe not today or next year, but if you are not connected and planted in the Rock which cannot be moved, then you will be relying on your own talents and abilities. For a while that may sustain you and your business, but….at some point it won’t be enough.

The things such as money, power, cars, homes, even marriages and relationships are only temporary. Just as this life that we each live is temporary. But, the gift and grace of God is eternal through Jesus. Once you put Him in charge of your life and your business every day, then you will see a profound change. Learn the principles in God’s Word about business and the way that you are to conduct it and your life. The reward will be great! Maybe not in the way that the world sees it, but your life will reflect Him and the principles that He teaches through His Word. Others will want it, even though it cannot be sold, because they can see a difference in your life.

Do the things which Jesus told His disciples to do. One of which was to “abide in Me and I will abide in you”. The process of living that out can be joyous and prosperous in ways that you can’t imagine. Read through Proverbs, learn the wisdom contained there and apply it to your business life as well as your personal life. When you have done that, read the Gospels and learn of the One Who can fulfill your desires and show you what needs to be done and then do it!!


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