Why is everyone so angry?

It seems that, on the news, everyone is angry about something. Whether it is the color of someone’s skin or someone’s beliefs that doesn’t fit with their idea of the “right” religion. What is the cause of all of this drama and angst in our lives today?

Everyone that is shown on the news these days seems to have a “bone to pick” with someone about something, regardless of the stupidity of the “bone” in question! What is causing all of these issues to bubble to the surface, some of them for little more than the color of someone’s shoes!!

This is the twenty-first century so why all of these childish acts of violence which end with the loss of a life, sometimes more than one? The reason is that our world is changing in belief systems, character traits and religion or no religion at all. Some might say that I am causing the problem with my website promoting belief in Jesus, but in all honesty, He is the solution not the problem.

We are born with an innate desire to know, to learn, to be more than we are and yet we don’t know how or even why. Our parents and grandparents had the same problem, but in some of their lives they learned to follow their beliefs in right and wrong which they got from their parents but originated in God’s Word. In our world today, we have lost that.

For the past fifty years or so we have endeavored to remove any trace of Christian religion from our lives. The Bible and prayer were taken from public schools in the early ’60’s and test scores plummeted as a result. Teenage pregnancy began its rise at this time and hasn’t stopped yet. In all honesty, we need Him.

In our businesses and in our personal lives, we need God. He needs to be in the middle of your life’s decisions, good or bad, because He can bring about a change in the way that you do business and how you live your life. When other people see your life and the way that you live it, then they will see that there really is something to this Christianity thing that some people have.

What can you do? Well, it is fairly easy, just begin to read God’s Word. In the New Testament, the book of Romans is a good starting place; in the Old Testament, I would start off with Proverbs first and branch out from there. Pray about what you are reading, even if you have never prayed before, God is listening and He always hears a seeker. Give your troubles to Him, but be warned, He only works on His timetable not yours. Your answers will come, but if you decide to truly wait on Him then they may be slow according to you. But they will be right on time according to God’s timing.

Your business and your life will benefit greatly from having God as the center and many other people will benefit as well. Pray for His guidance in your life and in your business life too and you will see a major change, and it and you will be better because of His wisdom.

Think about it. 🙂


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