Success, what is it to you?

In life as well as in business, success is a personal thing. You reach a goal, or a place in your business or in your life that you may have dreamed about for a long time and for many that is the definition of success. For each of us it is different.

For one person it may be accomplishing something which no one else in your family has accomplished, such as graduating from college which was one of my own steps toward my perception of success. For another, it might be getting an award of some kind, like an Olympic medal or an Oscar. For some, it may be simply to live without being in debt. For others, it might be just to live another day. Success comes to us in many forms, some of them are financial but some are not.

Sometimes, our success is defined by our perception of it and not by any measurable way outside of our perception. We can be successful in our lives, but to others it may appear to be not so much success as in how the world might perceive your success. For many financial success and rewards and success in life are the same and that is fine, but where did your success come from? Is your business or the practice of your business honorable and true to the person that you would like to be? Would you be proud for your son or daughter to take over the business that you have created?

Would you show your business to and explain how it came to be to your grandfather or mother? If the answer  to this question and the ones before this one is “No”, then you have a serious problem. Living in this world, at this time we are supposed to be true to our calling. Many people don’t know or realize what their calling is until much later in life, but yours and mine can be determined by looking into our own life and our hearts.

What is it that makes you truly feel good about something when you have finished it? The answer to this is usually, pride. You are proud of your accomplishment and what it took to get to that point and that is a good thing, if you don’t allow that pride to become boastful and cry out “Look what I have or what I did!”. As Jesus said, those who seek the approval of men have their reward (paraphrase of Matthew 6:2).

Being boastful about your accomplishment is your pride prompting you to let everyone know what you have done and in some arenas that is OK for a while. Taking it to an extreme will only drive away your family and friends and may hurt your business if your clients find out about it. So, what should you and I do about the successes that we experience in our lives?

First, give credit to the one who is due the credit. If an employee or a partner helped or was instrumental in your success, then acknowledge them in some way. Don’t claim that it was all your idea or your hard work that brought you to this point if it really wasn’t! Because it really wasn’t just you or your talent in the first place…God gave you the talents that you possess and the ideas that brought you to this place too.

Think about that the next time you are successful at finishing a project or bringing in a sale.


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