Small things bring great things

This is a saying, a wise but confusing verse that is quoted to many. Great things can come from small things, so what does it mean? Think about what it is saying: Great things come from small things; a business comes from a thought or an idea. It is not concrete, it is not something that is even tangible, but just an idea. Maybe even a small idea, but it is like a seed. What comes from a seed?

A tiny seed from a cone that only weighs a few grams, falls into the ground and winters during the cold months of the year. Then in the spring it sprouts into a small seedling a few inches tall, as the years pass it grows and grows and in a few hundred years it is a giant red wood tree that stands over three hundred feet tall and more that ten feet in diameter! From something small and tiny grows something great.

All of this from a tiny seed, whether it is a seed for a redwood tree or an idea for a business, yes it can be done. Not just under your power or by your own strength but by the power of God and His empowerment of you and your idea. I know that many of you who read this will say that your business is not anything that God would have anything to do with or maybe you don’t even believe in Him and may not even want Him in your life.

Why not? Your life was given to you by Him! Whether you believe in Him or not, He believes in you and He loves you. He can use you and your business, if it is a business that will glorify Him, to let others know exactly Who is in charge.

God uses a tiny grain of sand to irritate an oyster so that a beautiful pearl is created. There is a seed that farmers use to plant that is as tiny as the head of a pen. It is a mustard seed, yet if you allow it to grow beyond producing a mustard plant it can grow into a small tree. Your life is small compared to God and His purposes but He can use your life and your business to bring salvation to others. The influence that you can have can extend far beyond what you think it can.

Think about the story of David and Goliath. The entire army of Israel was afraid of him, he kept taunting them daily and yet the army didn’t do anything. Then David came and heard his taunting and the insulting things that Goliath was saying about the Israelites. David was only a teen aged boy who has kept his father’s sheep and protected them from wolves or bears. So, he said that this Philistine is no different from them, I will go down and strike him and God will give me the victory. A teen aged boy, a sling and a rock was all that conquered Goliath. No, God was with him so the army of the Philistines was in trouble the minute David took a step toward them.

All that it takes is to dedicate your life and your business to His service, begin each day with reading a few verses from the Bible and pray that your day will be used by Him to touch someone. The day will be more productive, more rewarding financially and more of a blessing to you and to others if you will plant that seed, no matter how small it may be.


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