What is your foundation?

In any endeavor, business or project there has to be a starting point, a foundation upon which to start. Just as every journey begins with the first step, the foundation is that point at which you begin…something. Regardless of the ending, the beginning is the most important because at the start of whatever it may be, nobody knows the ending…at least not yet. We may have a dream, something which we would like for our business or our journey to have as its end point or goal to reach, but when we start out that goal is still in the distance. Sometimes it is very far away and distant, but we have it firmly in our mind.

Dreams and goals are wonderful for life as well as businesses because they give us something to strive for, to aim at…something which we are trying to grasp like the proverbial “brass ring”. Sometimes it is better to use a target or a bullseye as a metaphor for what you want to achieve in your endeavors, but whatever you choose you must never take your eye from the prize.

It is with this in mind that I want to remind you about someone who did take his eye from the prize. His name was Peter, and he was a disciple of Jesus. A very outspoken one, who clashed with his teacher at times and very likely with the other disciples too. But one night, Jesus had told them to go across the Sea of Galilee ahead of Him and He would join them later. As they were crossing, a storm came up and the ship was being tossed about.

It was about the third watch of the night (about 3 am) when they saw Jesus walking on the water, they all supposed that it was a ghost or spirit until He said, “It is I, do not be afraid!” Peter, being brazen as he was told Him to call him to come if it was Him. So Jesus said, “Peter, come to me.” Peter stepped out of the boat, and keeping his eyes on Jesus, began to walk toward Jesus on the water. The waves were likely crashing against his legs, but as long as he was watching Jesus and keeping his eyes on Him then Peter wasn’t afraid. Then, he noticed the waves were getting bigger and he became afraid and looked down at the water! At this point, Peter began to sink and he cried out, “Lord, save me!”

Jesus reached down and grabbed him, pulled him up and they were at the side of the boat and got into the boat. At this point, the waves and the winds became calm as well.

The point of this is that as long as we keep our eyes on the prize, we will likely not falter or waver in our endeavor to attain it. Our foundation for our prize, our goals in life or business, should be to pattern our life and our business after the teachings of Jesus. If we will do that and follow Him and His example, then our life, professional and at home, will be much better in the long run and something that we can be proud of.

Think about that.


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