This time of year is rough…

During the holidays, regardless of which one it is, people get depressed…sometimes enough that they may commit suicide and that is wrong. Do you know someone who is down and depressed? Are you feeling that way? There is a new year coming in a few hours, one that has had no murders or rapes in it and nothing stolen in the year 2014 (although that could change).

The point of this short post about sadness and suicide is that it doesn’t have to happen. Jesus loves you far more than you could ever know or understand and He is with you in your darkest hour, no matter where you may be! I want to share a photo that I found on my Facebooksuicidedoesnothelp page and I think that it will illustrate exactly what I mean.

It really doesn’t help and if you have not accepted Jesus as your Savior, your terrible circumstances will only be beginning. You will be in hell forever!

Give your life and your heart to Him, and you will have the strength to get through whatever life is throwing at you!


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