This season think on this…

If you are in business for yourself or trying to get into being a business owner, this time of year can be even more stressful. There is a deadline, in a way, that everyone wants to meet now because of Christmas. But, what is it? Why do we need to meet it?

The real deadline is not the holiday that everyone loves and looks forward to every year. It is your own time line, your “date with destiny” if you will. Do you think about it at all? Many people, especially those under thirty, don’t think about the possibility of death at all unless they have had someone close to them that was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Death is something that nobody wants to consider or think about, but it is one of those processes in life that none of us can escape.

This space is about life and a successful living of it so why am I speaking about this now…here? It is because this time of year is one of the worst times of the year for many people. Depression, anxiety, and suicides run far above the norm for any other time of the year during this holiday season and yet, there is real hope available to all.

Even if you don’t have a belief in a higher power or have turned your back on God because of your life or circumstances, He has not abandoned you nor has He forgotten you! God does care, regardless of the rhetoric and blathering that you hear from people who really don’t know any better. They are determined to see that you will be like them, what for? Because they are lonely and they are wrong and they need your company!

Anyone who believes that God doesn’t exist and that we are an accident of the universe is lonely because they are believing a lie and they know it! They just don’t want to admit it! Learn about the One who created you and me still cares about you whether you want to believe it or not and when you do, you will decide that He thinks that you are something worth loving. When you realize this you will also come to the decision that He is worth knowing and loving too!

Your success over the long haul, so to speak, is not dependent on your product or your salesmanship but on your character and the One that you pattern yourself after. If you choose to follow a fantastic salesman, one who can smoothly flatter and show the most easy way to make money, whether it was legal or not, then you will be like him. But, you will be empty inside and nothing that you accomplish will satisfy you.

If you pattern your life and your character on Jesus, then your success will be eternal. You will be able to sleep soundly at night and everything that you accomplish will be satisfying to you and to God. Doing the right thing, regardless of the money you make or don’t make, is more satisfying in the long run. By following Jesus as a disciple and as your example in life, your business will flourish and grow just as your relationship with Him will grow.

Think about it with an open mind and an open heart because how else is Jesus going to get in if you don’t open the door?