Bad Language not necessary

I understand, somewhat, the urge or need to express yourself in the wide world of the Internet and many people do just that. But in business, as well as in life, using words that really have no meaning other than the vulgarity that they express or the fact that your mind can think of no other way of expressing itself is UN-necessary. Words such as these, and you know which ones I am speaking of, are not useful in a business sense nor in life. All that they do is show just how crude and rude you really are. No business owner wants or needs anyone with that kind of language spouting out of their mouth on a regular basis and truly, nobody should be subjected to the abusive tones that go along with it.

I know that many of us grew up doing just that and saying those words because we wanted or needed to seem to be macho or cool, but they are not cool words for adults, especially if you are in a business of any kind. Especially if it is an Internet business! This type of language may attract other people who are also immature, but if you are presenting a business front to others then your speech needs to be professional in nature.

Running a business of any kind has to be as professional as possible and crude language only shows that your education did not get much deeper than your skin. I know that this post sounds like I am trying to be critical of certain behaviors and I am to a certain extent because if you are conducting a business you need to show that your IQ is a little larger than your shoe size!

I do realize that your language has to reflect or at least go along with the clientèle that you are dealing with, but on the Internet you don’t know who you are dealing with. So, treat that person as if they might be your grandmother or your grandfather or at least someone that you have respect for. Don’t treat them like dirt and speak to them as if they are the worst sort of filth imaginable, because if you want repeat business that is not the way to go about it at all! I can guarantee if I am spoken to in those tones, on-line or on the phone, I will not be back regardless of what you might be selling!

Our lives are stressful enough without having to put up with people who are trying to sell something, no matter what the item might be, who show their ignorance by using words that shouldn’t be spoken in public. I have heard workers in fast food restaurants do it and I have heard car salespeople do it too and in both cases, I have not gone back to their place of business. Although, losing my business may not put much of a dent in their sales, but what if more people decided to do the same thing? It wouldn’t be good for business would it?

If you wouldn’t say something in front of your mother, your father or Jesus, then it probably shouldn’t be used or said in the first place.


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