Can we decide to live?

Deciding to live our lives in relation to our dreams and our hopes is something that we should do, but do we do it? Many people look at their lives literally and think that there is no place for dreams or hope in some people’s lives. They just give up on their dreams and stop chasing them. The settle for a paycheck and a job that they hate or dislike and then they feel bitter and resentful because they chose to settle for something rather than going after what they really want in life.

Living requires action in one way or another. You have to get up out of bed, go to the loo and then eat something so you will have the energy to get through your day. Of course you also have to take a bus ride or drive to work, eat lunch, work at whatever job you may have, then drive home and hope you get there in one piece.

We live in a mixed up world, one that is fraught with pain, hardship, loneliness, fear and anxiety which has caused the drug companies to become so wealthy that they dictate to the government what can and cannot be used or advertised as a “medical breakthrough”.

Can we make a true “living wage” without all of those side-effects described above? Yes, we probably can but will it be fulfilling for us? Will we enjoy doing it or will it be just another way to tell someone a lie about something so that they will buy it from us? Will we…can we do this while telling the truth about what we are doing? Can we make a living while letting others know the truth about what we are doing and why?

For many people, the answer would be “no”, simply because in today’s world you can’t be totally honest about what you are selling and why you are selling it. Whether it is a law firm, a construction company, a candy company or a person selling shoes or cars, you can’t be totally truthful with everyone about the product being sold. And when the truth is missing from the transaction, that is when the anxiety and stress start to show up between the seller and the potential buyer.

The only “product” that I can be totally truthful about is something which I can’t sell or make money from and it is my faith in Jesus and the good news about Him! I can be totally honest and truthful about it because if I am not, then I shouldn’t be a writer or a blogger and certainly not a pastor.

Jesus loves us and came to Israel as a baby so that He could atone for all of the sins of mankind, not just His people. He died for all of us and that is the “product” that I have, this is the Truth that is told in detail in God’s Word. It is not a product that can be sold, but must be given away because God’s grace is free to all! How can we use these principles to live successfully? By following the wisdom that is contained in it and using it in our daily lives and our business.

Think about it, pray about it, look up the book of Proverbs and read it because it does have a lot of advice for personal and business ventures and doing it the right way.



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