Making a living successfully

Can you make a living at something that you enjoy? Yes, you can but you have to find out what that is first.

Make a plan, work your plan, this is advice given by many coaches on sports fields and in business. So how can we do this? First, of course, is finding out what it is that you want to do or can do that you enjoy doing. Can this be something that you can make into a job that you love? I am not sure.

Many people like to do things which are not marketable as products or services so it is possible that they may not be made into a viable vocation. But, think about this for a minute, is there anything in your daily job that you enjoy doing. If it is, then do this in the best way that you can, treat your job or even your boss as someone that you are trying to impress. Many people do this anyway, but I am not speaking of “sucking up” to anyone. I am talking about treating your job and your boss as if they are the most important person in the world. Also, I am not talking about being a brown-nose (nasty term btw), but what I am speaking of is treating your job and the things that you do in it as the most important job in the world.

Why am I trying to get people to treat their job as the most important job that they may ever hold? In the times that we live in today, our job, whatever it is, just may be the most important one that we have. Although, if you are a parent or a teacher or maybe a pastor then your job is already very important. Because you hold the future of those in your care in your hands or in the words that you speak to them. They are learning from you regardless of the way you say the words, or the truth that you are teaching. Children, whether they are babes in Christ or your children or children in school, learn from what they hear and see you doing, so model the best behavior and morals that you can. They deserve it.

Plan your job, your life around what is most important to you. Work your plan to the best of your ability. Give your life to Christ and allow Him to successfully live through your life and your vocation, because if you decide that you are working for Him then you will do your best at anything and everything that you do!


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