Living successfully in an upside-down world

In the world today many people are living from paycheck to paycheck if they have one. The question is “Do you live for working or do you work for a living?”

Many people would likely say that it is the same thing. I however don’t think so. For example, do you get up in the morning looking forward to getting to work so that you can accomplish as much as you can today because today is a beautiful day? Or, do you get up feeling tired before getting out of bed, and you are almost hating the drive to work let alone the day ahead?

The first example/question would be someone who lives for working because they are doing something that they love to do and they enjoy doing it. It is not a chore or a bore and it is fulfilling to them. The second is a person who is working for a living wage in order to pay bills and nothing more. Their job is not fulfilling and not something that they truly enjoy, instead it is a job that they are qualified to do and they can do it well enough to get paid for it, period.

Which would you rather have? Something that is a joy to do and that you actually get paid for or something that you have to do because you have bills to pay? Most people would choose the first of those, but how hard is it to find such a job? Does a job like this exist for every person out there?  The answer may surprise you.

I will post back tomorrow with more on this. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment or two.


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